Dangers Of Sleep Deprived Driving

car-wreck-150x150When we think increased crash risk, most of us instinctively go to drunk driving. While extremely dangerous, drunk driving doesn’t make up the whole list of activities that raise your risk of getting into a car wreck. In fact, a few others have comparable rates of danger to drunk driving. One of those includes sleep deprived driving; we go over the dangers here.


When it comes to driving, constant attention proves necessary to avoid collisions. When we get tired, we have to focus more and more attention on staying awake, thus slowing our reaction times.

  • The National Sleep Foundation performed a study on the subject, and found that 2/3 of participants reported driving sleep deprived in the last year. 1/3 reported actually having fallen asleep behind the wheel.
  • The same group also found that the young (men especially), shift workers and parents had the highest rate of sleep deprived drivers.

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