O2 Sensor Replacement

Having trouble with your emissions test? There are many different parts of your engine that control the level of emissions your vehicle produces. Your oxygen or O2 sensors monitor and adjust your air to fuel ratio for your engine. This means it is constantly noting whether you have too much or too little oxygen for your engines combustion processes. When these break down, your engine loses the ability to control this aspect of emissions, leading to emissions test failure. J1 Auto Repair can replace your oxygen sensors and offer many services that assist with your vehicles emissions. Call us today at (630) 932-4427 for your O2 sensor replacement in Lombard, IL. 

Completing Maintenance

Photo of o2 sensorThe best way to keep your O2 sensors is to keep up on your vehicle maintenance and tune ups. During these inspections, your technician can check for any leaks or problems that will affect your sensors. If your check engine light comes on, do your best to get the vehicle to the shop as quickly as possible. Check engine light codes can notify an auto mechanic what sort of problem you are experiencing. Our ASE certified auto mechanics will get your vehicle emissions test approved and offer towing service for your convenience. Contact J1 Auto Repair in Lombard, IL for your O2 sensor replacement today: (630) 932-4427!