Auto Electrical Repair Service

Photo of electrical repairYour electrical system is important for your vehicle performance and safety. When this system is damaged, you may be unable to even start your car. Electrical repair can set your car back to functioning the way it should. J1 Auto Repair offers towing service for your vehicle to our shop. Our auto mechanics are thorough in their inspection and will get your car roadworthy quickly. We even provide shuttle service to get you to work or back home. Its all about you. When you need service, call J1 Auto Repair in Lombard, IL at (630) 932-4427.

Possible Electric Problems

When experiencing electrical problems, it is important that your auto mechanic be thorough while checking for the cause. With cars, there are many different points where failure can occur. The battery is the likely culprit, but it can be a blown fuse or an alternator problem. J1 Auto Repair mechanics inspect all parts of your electrical system, looking for corrosion, lose connections, and other damage that may have lead to failure. We repair or replace these as necessary to get your car back on the road. Give us a call at (630) 932-4427 to speak with one of our expert technicians today about your electrical repair in Lombard, IL.