Fuel Filter Replacement

Photo of fuel filterWe all know the importance of fuel for a vehicle. Your fuel keeps your car going. Did you know that fuel can have harmful particles in it? Sometimes rust, dust and debris get mixed into your fuel. These particles can damage your engine. However, your fuel filter removes this danger by filtering your fuel of particles before it reaches the engine. When your filter begins to fail, it can spell disaster for your engine. If you need fuel filter replacement in Lombard, IL, contact J1 Auto Repair at (630) 932-4427. Our shop is always available and provides towing for your convenience.

Engine Performance

When your fuel filter starts failing, it can notify you through your gas mileage. Your power may begin to fail and you may notice a decrease in the gas mileage your car normally travels. These are smaller problems caused when your filter goes out. When this happens, you want to have your car at the shop as quickly as possible. The particles running rampant through your engine may lead to engine wear and damage. Our ASE certified mechanics will get your filter changed out and your engine inspected quickly, having you and your car on the road before you know it. Give us a call today at (630) 932-4427 for fuel filter replacement in Lombard, IL.