Basic Tire Maintenance

Most people learn a thing or two about the basics of caring for tires when they begin driving. However, among the details of auto care that get forgotten most are those tires. People don’t check pressure as often as they should, or have the replaced early enough, and more. Don’t let good, basic tire maintenance pass you by anymore.

Tire Pressure, Rotation, and Replacement

Car Tire on Road

Perform Basic Tire Maintenance.

Tire pressure is more important than you may realize. People are usually aware of when their tire pressure is too low because their car’s tire light on the dashboard turns on. When this happens, the tire pressure is so low that it usually means there is a leak. You should be concerned about your tire pressure more often, however, low tire pressure is the leading cause of excess wear on tires. Tire tread damage and blowouts are most often caused by tires that have been driven on low pressure. Most tires should be driven on a PSI from 30 to 35, but your manual will tell you more.

Routine maintenance is also essential for good tires. Your tires need regular rotations on a schedule set by your manufacturer, or your mechanic. Rotating your tires helps the tread wear evenly so that you stay aligned on the road and don’t have to replace your tires sooner. Always let ask your mechanic to check your pressure, too, and your brakes.

No tire lasts forever and driving on worn tires is dangerous. Know when it’s time to get new tires, and listen to your mechanic. Come us at J1 Auto Repair in Lombard, IL. Call us at (630) 932-4427 and we will help you with your tire maintenance.