Basic Vehicle Maintenance Activities You’ll Want To Remember

If you own your own vehicle, you know that you need to take care of it. Cars and trucks are very expensive, and the added maintenance may seem like an optional expense. However, it is essential that you keep up with all facets of your vehicle’s maintenance if you want it to last for a long time. today we will go over some very basic and affordable maintenance activities you can easily keep track of.

Check Your Lights

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Is Your Car In Good Condition?

Visibility is extremely important for the safety of your vehicle, especially when you are driving it. Part of that visibility involves having working lights. You need to be able to see at night, and you need other vehicles to be able to see you. Frequently do a visual check of your lights to make sure they have not fogged over or started to dim. Keeping the headlight covers polished will do wonders in improving visibility, but you can also consider upgrading to LED or halogen light bulbs.

Adjust Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is another important component of keeping your vehicle safe and functional. Make sure that your tires are never over or under-inflated. Improper inflation of your tires can lead to unnecessary wear and tear, as well as impact your fuel efficiency. Most importantly, incorrect air pressure can leave your vehicle less safe when driving.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Did you know that your windshield wipers aren’t designed to last forever? In fact, most should be replaced before or at 2 years of age. This ensures that whenever it rains, you can still see and drive safely. Inspect your wipers regularly for brittleness or dryness. If they are no longer flexible, it’s time to replace them.

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