4 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Car’s Heater

Because winter is still amongst us, it is important to have a car heater that works. If your heater isn’t working like it used to it might need to get fixed right away. However, there are less obvious signs that something is wrong with your heater. If you are unsure it is always a good idea to bring your car into an auto shop. Below are signs something is wrong with your car heater.

Car Heater Problems

Coolant Leaks

Sometimes when your heater control valve is worn down or cracked, it can cause coolant to leak. When this happens, you will need your heater control valve replaced or repaired.

Your Car Has Overheated

While the heater of your car is not always the reason your car has overheated, it is one place to start. Get your car serviced to make sure your heater and other parts of you car are in good condition.

The Inside of You Car Is Foggy

If when you turn on the defrost the condensation keeps building up on your windows. If this is the case, there is something wrong with the heater core and you will need to have it looked at.

Damaged Thermostat

If the thermostat is stuck, it can cause your heater not to work. There are several ways to check the thermostat, but ensure it is done correctly by bringing it into an auto shop.

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