Signs of Engine Trouble

Close Up of Check Engine Light Symbol

Look for the common signs of engine trouble

Having engine trouble? There are certain signs of a struggling engine and it’s important to keep an eye out to have it checked at the first sign of trouble. Dealing with engine repairs may be time consuming and costly, but a simple repair could turn into something much worse if ignored for too long.

Visible issues would include a check engine light warning. You should have these checked as soon as they come up to ensure there are no serious issues with the vehicle. Another noticeable issue is steam or smoke coming from the engine. You’ll know that an oil leak has occurred the smoke is dark. When oil leaks into the engine, it gets burned up with the gasoline creating the smoke.

If you’ve driven your vehicle for a while you are probably pretty familiar with the sounds that it makes while running. If it starts sounding out of the ordinary and you hear odd noises coming from the engine, you’ll want to take it in immediately. Engine can make a grinding or knocking noise if the internal parts are not functioning properly.

Engine troubles can result in some pretty terrible smells too. If you notice any odd smells, make sure it isn’t something coming in from the outside. Engine problems can come with the smell of burning rubber, rotten eggs, and gasoline to name a few. Have your vehicle inspected if you think any strong and unusual odors are emanating from the engine.

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