How Often Do You Really Need to Change Your Oil?

Replacing Old Oil During Oil Change

What To Do When You Need an Oil Change

Owning and driving a car comes with a large amount of responsibility. We’re not just talking about your responsibility to other drivers, though. We’re talking about your responsibility to your vehicle. Cars are high-demand machines that need regular and consistent attention. Without it, you can easily find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a broken-down car. The best place to start with any car, of any age, is the oil. Scheduling an oil change in Lombard and Wheaton, IL every 3,000 miles, or when your owners manual says is appropriate, will guarantee you a lasting vehicle. For that, rely on J1 Auto Repair to get the job done. Contact us at 630-932-4427 to get started.

Checking the Dipstick is Part of Oil Change Service

Signs When Oil Change is Needed

Every vehicle, new or old, is a high-demand machine that requires your attention in order to operate efficiently. The number one reason most cars fail is that the owners fail to keep up with oil changes. While most homeowners can perform this task themselves with Pennzoil, many cannot, which is why it’s important to have someone you can rely on. For that, trust J1 Auto Repair. We can help identify signs of oil problems and fix them for you. 

  • Oil Smells: The obvious smell of oil in your car when it is both on and off could be an indication of an oil leak and the indication you need repairs.
  • Exhaust Smoke: When the vapor that comes from your tailpipe changes from translucent vapor to actual smoke, you need an oil change.
  • Excessive Mileage: If you have driven your car further than you typically would, you may need an oil change sooner than normal. 
  • Dark, Dirty Oil: Clean oil is actually amber in color. When in the engine, it collects particles from inside. Pull the dipstick out and clean it before putting it back. Then pull the dipstick out again, if you can’t see it underneath the oil, it’s time for a change.
  • Engine Knocking: Engine sounds are never a good sign. Oil helps to lubricate the moving parts so they don’t knock together and wear out. If you hear knocking noises, an oil change is needed as soon as possible.
  • Change Oil Light: And of course the most obvious sign you need an oil change is when the oil light comes on. The oil may not need to be changed, but your engine certainly needs to be checked. 

When it comes to oil changes, there can be a bit of a misconception. Many think they can get away with top-up rather than a complete oil change. An oil change vs top-up is comparing two different services. Just like comparing a repair service vs an auto tune-up. While there is some overlap in the service, they produce different results. With an oil change, you are removing old oil and particles so new oil can be poured in and used.

Benefits of Oil Changes

What most vehicle owners want to know is, will an oil change improve performance? The answer is, yes! There are several proven benefits to keeping with regularly scheduled oil changes including:

  • Smooth Operation: The better you maintain your vehicle, the better it will operate. Sticking with a regular schedule for oil changes will ensure your car will run smoother, longer.
  • Improved Gas Mileage: With fresh oil, your engine will be able to operate more efficiently. This means it will use gas more efficiently and effectively, so you aren’t wasting as much.
  • Extended Life: An engine with fresh oil, that is regularly replaced, will simply last longer. Older oil contains particles that can clog other areas and cause problems, resulting in an engine that fails sooner than it should. 

Caring for your vehicle will guarantee a lasting and dependable investment. It does help when you can have someone to rely on for things like oil changes, repairs, and more. For that, look no further than J1 Auto Repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can you go without getting an oil change?
    • You could possibly go about 5-6,000 miles over the recommended mileage before needing an oil change. Depending on the age of your vehicle, you could even get up to 7K miles but this is highly discouraged. Driving without oil can seriously damage your engine.
  • What happens if you go too long without an oil change?
    • Eventually, your engine will get too hot. The oil won’t be there to keep parts moving efficiently and over time, they will warp. After a certain amount of time, your engine will just stop and you’ll have to have the complete thing replaced.
  • Can I just add oil instead of getting an oil change?
    • No, you can’t. Just adding oil will not remove any build-up or find any possible leaks. Additionally, just adding oil whenever you feel like it could pose more of a problem. Check the owners manual to see when your vehicle needs oil changes.
  • Is it safe to drive with the oil change light on?
    • How the oil change light works is like this. It will turn on for any reason involving the oil in your engine. The oil could be low, there could be something wrong with the delivery system, or any other reason. You can drive for a very short period of time, but it is highly recommended that you take your car in as soon as possible.
  • Is it bad to add new oil to old oil?
    • Only if you are using the same weight oil. The two will mix and neither you nor your engine will be able to tell the difference. When you change the type of oil you add, you’ll run into problems. 
Pouring Oil for Oil Change

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