How to Reduce Your Chance of a Car Theft

How to Reduce Your Chance of a Car Theft

Car thefts are a massive crime problem here in the United States. It is estimated that car thefts cost over one billion dollars in damages per year. Here are the two best ways you can reduce your chance of damage and items getting stolen from your car.

Always Lock Your Car Doors

Locking your car doors should always be the first precaution you take for the security of car and the items in it. 25% of all car thefts in U.S. happen because car doors are left unlocked. Always lock your car door no matter what. Locking your doors is the first and best measure you should always take for your safety and your vehicle’s safety.

Don’t Leave Items Out

Leaving any valuables or items out in your car, where they can be clearly seen, presents a crime of opportunity. Someone is more likely to take the risk of a breaking into a car if the can see the valuables and the rewards of breaking into it. Always put away and hide your valuable items before leaving your car. Doing this will help reduce your chance of a car theft.