Great Car Detailing Tips

Taking care of your car’s appearance is a great, easy and affordable way to keep your car looking good and help it retain value. Professional car cleaning and detailing services can costs hundreds of dollars. Here are some great car detailing and cleaning tips that can help you do it yourself and save you money.

If you’re going to detail and clean the car yourself, be ready to spend a little amount of money. Getting the proper car detailing tools and product can cost between $30 to $100 depending on the quality of product you want to use and what tools you already have at home.

2008-07-18-22.39.58-300x200Always use two buckets when washing the exterior of your car. Use one bucket to hold your cleaner and the other to hold water to clean of your cleaning tools. Before dipping your cleaning towel,mitt or cloth into the cleaning product bucket, rinse it the water bucket and squeeze it dry. This ensures that your towel, mitt, or rag is clean before you start washing your car. Using two buckets also ensures that your getting all the dirt and grim off your car and not just rubbing it back on with one bucket.

Microfiber towels and cloths are the best product to use for detailing your car. The microfibers in the towel produce less friction when wiping and scrubbing than conventional towels. Less friction means greater efficiency cleaning and less scratching. Microfiber cloths also make it easier to wash,rinse and dry your vehicle.

Other tips for detailing and cleaning your car:

  • Always brush the interior of your car before cleaning or vacuuming it
  • Apply waxing and protective products with a buffer and remove it with a towel
  • Wipe your interior and exterior glasses in two different directions to see which side is clean and which one is dirty
  • Never use dish or other household cleaning products to clean your car
  • Never move the cleaning towel or cloth in a circular motion. It can cause scratching.
  • Move the cleaning towel horizontal down the vehicle, one area at a time, to prevent scratching and marks.