4 Top Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Do I need a wheel alignment?

tire-428515_640-300x198Perhaps it has been a long time since you last got your car aligned. Or perhaps you are a new car owner and you are looking for more information on wheel alignment. Either way if you are concerned that your car may be in need of an alignment check out the following four top signs you need a wheel alignment.

#1: Uneven Tire Wear

Check the tread of your tires on the front and back of your car. Are your tires wearing unevenly? There usually is more wear on the outside of the tires and the wear is overall uneven. Uneven wear on your tires is the number one indicator that your car is in need of an alignment.

#2: Pulling Wheel

When you drive down the highway or even down the street, does your car pull strongly one direction? Test this on a few different areas of road to ensure it is not a groove in the road you are driving down. If your car is consistently pulling to one side you may need a wheel alignment.

#3: Vibration in the Wheel

When you are driving do you feel vibrations in the wheel? These are not the good vibrations the Beach Boys once sung about. Instead vibration in the steering indicates your alignment is off and should be adjusted.

#4: Crooked Wheel

If you are driving straight down the road, but your steering wheel is crooked you are probably in severe need of an alignment. This does not happen as frequently as the first three signs, but when it does you should head to an auto shop as soon as possible.

If you have not had an alignment performed in a long time or your car is demonstrating one of these four top signs you are in need of a wheel alignment, give us a call. At J1 Auto Repair we are ready to help you get your car back on track.