Is It Time To Replace Your Car’s Battery?

Car Battery Maintenace

Is Your Car’s Battery Ready For Winter?

With winter approaching, you may be in a hurry to get your vehicle prepared, and that’s a great idea! If you’ve been a car owner for a while, you may have also noticed that when your car battery dies, its seems to happen in winter. Many people believe that cold temperatures kill batteries, but actually, hot temperatures and time kill car batteries. However, cold temperatures make it more difficult for a weakened battery to start, which is why the damage usually becomes apparent in winter. Instead of waiting for the old to kill your battery completely, today we will share a few tips on how to recognize battery failure early on.

Slow Start

If your car seems to be sluggish when you start it, or like it may not start, this can be due to a failing battery. Be sure to have it checked, and if needed, replaced ASAP.

Odd Smells

Rotten egg smells are often a sign of car trouble. One thing that this smell can indicate is a bad battery, so you should have your vehicle inspected ASAP.

Old Age

If you can’t remember when you bought your battery, or if you aren’t sure of how old it is, it’s probably about time to replace it, or to start saving for the replacement.

Jump-Start Required

If you left your headlights on overnight, it makes sense that you will need to jump-start your battery. Other than something like that, if you find yourself jumping the battery on a regular basis, you need to have it replaced, OR you need to have your alternator checked.


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