4 Winter Myths About Your Car

Photo of winterWinter has officially started! With our temperatures in the freezing zone, you are probably wondering the best way to keep your car moving this winter. People try a lot of interesting ways to keep their car on the road and help it deal with snow, ice, and the cold. However, some of these ways are not true and may actually hinder your car. J1 Auto Repair has gathered our top four winter myths to share and how these can hurt your vehicle.

Top Four Car Winter Myths

Myth #1: Lowering Tire Pressure Will Help with Traction

While, yes, lowering the pressure in your tires gives you a greater surface area and road contact, it can actually hinder maneuverability and functionality of the car. The best thing to do is to get winter tires, which are specifically designed to work in snow.

Myth #2: Disconnecting Your Car Battery Conserves Power

This initially sounds reasonable; you’re not expending any of the battery power if it is disconnected. However, your battery can lose power in cold temperatures regardless. On top of that, disconnecting it may affect your car’s internal computer and the alarm system.

Myth #3: Pour Hot Water on Your Windshield Ice to Remove It.

This is one we have heard often. Not everyone has time in the morning to scare off the windshield. However, pouring hot water to remove the ice is actually extremely dangerous. The freezing temperature of the ice being met with the intense heat of boiling hot water can cause your vehicle’s glass to shatter!

Myth #4: You Don’t Need to Warm Up Your Car at All.

This is a relatively new myth. It contends that warming up your car is not necessary and that doing so causes more environmental harm with little to no benefits. To be exact, they are saying you are expending gas for no reason and damaging the environment. Well, warming up your car actually has to do with the oil in your car, not the gas. Your oil can be affected by the cold, being less easy to move around your engine. Warming up your car will get it where it needs to be and allow your engine to perform well.

We hope you stay safe out on the roads this winter season. Remember if you need a car inspection or repair service, call J1 Auto Repair in Lombard, IL at (630) 932-4427!