Can you repair tires?

tire being replaced

Can you drive a car with a nail in the tire?

Next to the engine and transmission, one of the most critical components in your car is the tires. They may seem like nothing more than round rubber that your car rolls along on, but they have a lot do with how it drives and rides. So, when you ignore needed tire repair, you’re putting your car and passengers in danger. Read on as we answer common questions and provide answers that will inform you and the importance of tires and prompt tire repair.

Tires picking up a nail or a screw can happen any time to anyone. If you drive at all, it is just a matter of tie. When it does happen, if you do notice it, but the tire hasn’t gone flat, you keep going. Well, experienced mechanics will tell you that you need to drive it straight to a garage and get a tire repair for a nail or a new tire if needed. Why? There are several reasons why getting a tire repair done is better than driving your car with a nail in the tire. 

  • The tire could blow-out at any time while you are driving, causing your car to spin out of control, putting you, your passengers, and others on the road in danger. 
  • From spinning out of control, your vehicle could be severely damaged if you hit an object or another car. The wheel can become damaged, and then you’ll need to more than a tire repair to get back on the road. 
  • It’s a financial saving when you get to a service station that can get your tire repair completed and back on the road versus buying a new tire because you kept driving it with the nail in it. 

It is always recommended by mechanic experts to have a flat tire repaired or replaced after sustaining any damage. Your car, you, and your passengers are depending on safe travels and safe arrivals. 

How long do tire repairs take?

When you get a nail in your tire, repair shops will remove the wheel and tire from your car and inspect the damage.  If they don’t inspect the tire inside and out, they are doing a rush job, and you need to speak up. Additionally to having a nail in your tire, the tire wall could be damaged too, especially if you’ve been driving it for some time. 

Once the technician has located the hole, they will use a tire repair patch on the outer layer where the damage is by scraping out the hole then scoring the inside rubber. The tire repair process may look like they are doing more damage than good, but this gives the tar plug something to grasp on to, then a patch is placed inside the liner of the tire. 

With proper tire repair equipment, a tire repair job shouldn’t take more than thirty to forty-five minutes. Any faster, you need to question their methods and findings then take your car to another facility that does tire repair. 

Is it better to patch or plug a tire?

If done correctly, either option is good, but it depends on what caused the need for a tire repair. Plugging a tire is the least expensive and fastest way to get you back on the road. Tire plugs are good when you have picked up a nail, screw, or other blunt objects that have punctured the tire, possibly still in the tire. A tire repair patch is the better quality of the two tire repair methods. It takes longer. Therefore, it will cost more because of the extra labor involved. 

Is a tire plug permanent?

A tire plug doesn’t seal the inner liner. A tire patch doesn’t fill the hole where the tire is punctured. So, neither of these tire repair methods are going to give you a permanent solution. Using just one of these tire repair methods could allow water inside the tire’s body and corrode the steel belts of the tire. Once the steel belts are corroded and weakened, the tire could blow- out.  Depending on how fast you’re driving, a blow-out tire can be extremely dangerous.

How long can you drive on a patched tire?

Experienced mechanics do not recommend driving on a patched tire for an extended time. However, when patch tire repair is done correctly, it can last up to 10 years. That is under normal driving conditions.  

tire being set into wheel well

If You’re Needing Tire Repair

If you find yourself in need of tire repair and not sure where to go for professional tire plugging or tire patching, do an internet search for “tire repair and oil change near me.” We recommend using a known company with a solid reputation. 

Yes, if you take it a tire store, they will likely try to sell you a new tire, which may not be the worst idea. However, if you can’t afford it, stick to your decision. Remember, some tires cannot be repaired, and there are repair limits as determined by the tire manufacturer. So, while it may seem the technician is trying to sell you a new tire, there could be a legitimate reason why. Call 630-932-4427 today for tire repair in Lombard and Wheaton, IL.