4 Reasons for Regular Oil Changes

2008-07-18-22.39.58-300x200Nobody likes to do it, but regular oil changes are an important part of vehicle maintenance. A host of problems can arise if you take too long to bring your car in. Here are some reasons to always remember to get your oil changed:

It lubricates the engine:

Motor oil keeps the pistons from hitting the piston walls to alleviate friction. The heat from the constant firing of the pistons eventually makes the oil useless at its job. When this happens, severe damage to the engine isn’t far behind.

It prevents contaminant buildup:

Water and debris from the air starts to dilute the supply of oil over time. These contaminants begin to coagulate after a while, which will start to wear out the engine. 

They will change your filter:

Oil filters are meant to prevent the buildup of contaminates in the oil. Getting them replaced during each oil change will ensure that they are kept at a minimum, as the more contaminants that build up in the filter the less effective it is.

It ensures the proper oil level:

Generally, most people don’t remember to check their vehicle’s oil level despite the ease of doing so. When the level gets below a certain amount, irreparable damage to the engine isn’t far behind. Experts recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles. They are just one of the many auto-related services we offer here at J1 Auto Repair. Give us a call at (630) 932-4427.