4 Maintenance Tips That Can Save Your Vehicle

As time goes by, your vehicle may not work like it used to. It may lose power, not get as good of gas mileage, or begin to ride a little rougher than it once did. While some aging is normal in your vehicle, much of it can be avoided by these four simple maintenance steps.Check Your Fluids

Car MaintenanceCheck Your Fluids

We all know to regularly check our oil, but how often do you check the rest of your fluids? Your vehicle relies on multiple fluids for correct operation including coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Like your oil, these fluids need to be check and changed according to the schedule in your maintenance guide located in the owner’s manual.

Inspect Your Tires

Your tires affect almost every aspect of how your vehicle drives. They can influence your car’s balance, gas mileage, traction, and stopping power. To ensure your tires are safe, check for visible cables that show extreme wear on your tire. Also, check the tread of each tire by inserting a penny between the tread lines. If Lincoln’s head disappears, your tire tread is too worn and may not perform correctly. Inspect your tires for bulges on either side. Bulges in your tire are very worn and stretched areas that can easily cause a blowout while traveling down the road and should be taken care of immediately.

Evaluate Your Innerworkings

Your vehicle will experience some wear as it ages which is why it’s important to regularly check your hoses, seals, and belts to make sure they are not cracked or dry. A torn belt or disconnected hose can cause huge problems with the functionality of your vehicle but can be replaced easily and with no other work needed if caught in time.

Replace Your Filters

Most people tend to disregard their vehicle’s filters until there is a problem. However, regularly replacing your oil, fuel, and air filter can improve the gas mileage and general life of your car by improving its “breathing system”. When your car has a healthy flow of air and fluids, it can utilize its many systems to continue to run properly for years.

No matter how old your vehicle is, taking these four steps can drastically improve its lifespan, performance, and can even help to prevent some accidents. For maintenance and repair services you can trust, call the professionals at J1 Auto Repair (630) 932-4427 and improve your vehicle’s quality of life.